How to secure your mobile

Mobile security is an utmost need today. Your device not only stores your crucial contact list, it also assists in storing your personal data – pictures, videos, social networking web pages, and much more. You definitely cannot risk losing this stuff. Being proactive will always help. Enumerated below are some easy measures to ensure safety of your device and data-

Taking backup after regular intervals-

You can easily connect your mobile device with your personal computer and transfer the contact list, and memory card data instantly and comprehensively. To avoid misuse of your personal data, avoid keeping such stuff in your cell phone. Rather, transfer these files to your personal computer and ensure security.

Change passwords-

You may have opted for 'Remember my password'. In such cases, the websites and applications do not ask for password every time you log in. However, this may risk your online security. In case you lose your device or it gets stolen, change the passwords instantly.

Create security measures when rebooting the device-

Almost every mobile manufacturer provides this facility. You can set up a password which would be asked every time the device is rebooted. Your data will be secure in case of theft. Plus, even the device will become useless.

Know the IMEI number of your device-

IMEI number helps blacklisting the device if it gets lost / stolen. Keep a note of the IMEI number at a safe and convenient place. You can also insure your device with the help of an insurer, which would mean saving money in case you lose it.