Use of IMEI

Blocking the lost /stolen device-

Increased usage of mobile devices has resulted in a remarkable increase of stealing, and losing of the device. Under these conditions, the owner can use the IMEI number for preventing further usage of the device. The owner needs to call the network service provider and inform them about the situation. The service provider can block the phone on their network and can also notify the other network providers.

Identifying the model and origin of the device-

IMEI number comprises of 15 digits out of which the initial 8 digits (also known as TAC) give a clue about the origin and model of the device. Manufacturer can be identified with the next 6 digits.

Tracking the device-

The owners can register with the Mobile Tracker service providers using their mobile numbers. Whenever the device is used with a different Sim Card, a notification is sent to the registered mobile number of the owner.

Advantages of IMEI number

Restricting the instances of mobile theft-

IMEI number is now a universally accepted measure. To restrict the usage of a stolen device and hence control the instances of theft, IMEI numbers have played a prominent role.

Swift stoppage of services-

In countries like the UK, the operator can quickly transmit the message with IMEI number to the Central Equipment Identity Register, which subsequently floats it to all other network providers. Devices are blacklisted within 48 hours on all the networks.